Monday, December 31, 2012

New Year's Eve morning. The end of 2012.. and in an effort to make my home more like the cottage I envision, I did accomplish a few projects this year. 

First, let me begin by saying that Pinterest is a great friend of mine. How I managed to do any project or find any recipe or decorate my house before stumbling upon Pinterest, I do not know. I do not want to even try to figure out how many hours of time I have wasted  researched on Pinterest. 

First project I loved this year was my old dresser turned into tv console.  I got this beauty from an estate sale store for $40! After some cleaning and painting, it looks like this: 
Chuck and I also ripped apart our foyer and finished it with board and battan. I love it. Previously we had a tiny doorway into the livingroom making it very dark and small. We moved the entry door and widened it and it brings so much more light into the living room. 
This is when it was half finished; Since they we have changed things around, added flooring and removed the bins. 

The next year, we need to finish our cat room, which will be a room for our foster cats. It will allow us to take in more then the three we have right now. I'm excited about that. We only found homes for about 10 cats this year.. last year it was 25... so I feel like we are slacking in the cat rescue department. 

Other projects will be hardwood floors in the living room and opening up the doorway to our den and adding french doors. I'll keep you posted. 

Happy New Year!


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    1. And I notice you started a blog a couple of years ago? I think it would be great for you to blog too. :)

  2. I'm hoping that it inspires me with my writing again.. plus makes me accountable to get all of my projects done so I can share them on here! :)